Where did you learn to build websites?

I took coding classes while at the Academy and I honed my web design skills when I quit my day job as a Technical Writer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. There's a lot of thinking, dreaming and learning when you're at home all day with a baby.

Why do you use Squarespace?

I use the Squarespace platform for all websites after switching from Word Press. Squarespace is powerful, clean, mobile responsive, design-driven and user friendly. There are no plug-ins to install, updates to worry about or third party apps to pay for. Oh, and I know the back end of the platform better than my own husband.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization. It's how you get ranked organically on the first page of google. Each website I design comes with basic SEO work so google will recognize your site. 

What is your turn around time?

I limit the clients I take on each month so I can give your website the time and attention it deserves. My general turn around time is 2-4 weeks.

No other website designer mentions anything about a target market. Why is that important?

Having my Masters in Business Administration is a huge advantage as I studied (and understand) the business world extensively. In order to bring the right customers to your site I start at the most fundamental level. If you do not know your target market or business mission we will identify it together.

Am I locked into a contract if I choose Option One?

Yes, you will be locked into a one year contract but may keep the plan for however long you like. 

Can't I just have a Facebook page?

I would agree that Facebook is important tool for your business as it can drive traffic and sales, but it is not a substitute for a website. Facebook is similar to having a booth at your local Farmer's Market — you have exposure to a lot of foot traffic but you can only reach visitors who "stop by" and they belong to the market itself. With a website, the possibilities are endless and it's yours.

Why should I work with you?

I have what it takes, I'll save you time, I've got a plan and my clients love me. What more reason do you need than that?