My Story

After graduating from West Point I served five years in the Army, retiring as a Captain. The transition to civilian life was tough for me. I went from jumping out of planes and disarming bombs (sorry mom) to a soul-crushing desk job as a technical writer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It’s during this time I earned my Masters in Business Administration. 

I was miserable at my desk job and had a dream of starting my own business. One of my gifts is implementing processes that streamline operations so I launched a Professional Organizing business. I created my own website and loved everything about the process so I decided to go back to school, again, this time to learn how to code. 

I’ve never been a good artist (you miiight have a hard time differentiating my four year old daughter’s painting from mine) but I delight in the creative process of using code and branding techniques to create stunning websites. When I’m in the flow the words come effortlessly and the design reveals itself. It’s an other worldly experience.