As a small business owner, we know how valuable a good Google ranking can be. Our SEO Plus Plan will dramatically improve your local, organic Search Engine Optimization results.

Terms / Key Notes: 

  • Non-refundable, automatic month to month billing
  • No long-term contracts (cancel anytime)
  • Timeline is 2-4 weeks to complete tasks listed below
  • Expect to see results in 1-3 months (this gives us 5 cycles for Google to index the metadata we implement)

What's included: 

Competition Analysis

  • We audit your competitors sites who are currently ranking on the front page of Google, reverse engineer what they did right, and then implement what we learned through the audits on your site to get the same results. Boom. 
  • During this process we generate a step-by-step checklist of actionable steps we need to take to get you ranked with other successful businesses in your industry.

Domain Audit  

  • Full scan of all codes on the site
  • Live spreadsheet of key SEO element errors
  • URL structure, title, description, and H1 tags
  • Errors such as character length, duplicate, and missing data, etc.
  • Image Analysis
    • Alt tags
    • Keyword presence
    • File size  
  • Copy Analysis
    • Word count
    • Sitemap.html
    • Keyword presence
  • Code Analysis
    • W3C Validation status
    • Flash use
    • Schema organization markup
    • Sitemap.xml
  • Social Media Analysis
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+ 
    • Blog
  • Mobile Device Analysis
    • Responsiveness check
    • Viewport meta tag check
    • Compression check (gzip)
  • Link / Domain Analysis
    • Links from other sites
    • Outbound links

SEO Preperations

  • Update live spreadsheet with proposed changes
  • Improve / Update:
    • URL scheme
    • H1 tags
    • Title tags
    • Meta tags
    • Schema markup
    • Metadata verification
  • Verify Domain:
    • Google search console
    • Bing webmasters tools
    • Verify Google and Bing Business pages

SEO Implementation

  • Update web pages with new SEO elements
  • Add verification tags to header
  • Add schema markup to site
  • Enable accelerated mobile pages
  • Enable auto FB + TW posts
  • Sitemap update
  • URL restructure 
  • Server monitor installation
  • Heatmap installation

Monthly Maintenance

  • Once we get you ranked we need to keep you there
  • Monthly maintenance includes heavily monitoring your site and ensuring any errors are addressed immediately
  • We receive alerts through our monitoring process when errors are found across your site during Bing and Google's indexing cycle
  • We acknowledge all errors and address them promptly then submit tickets to Bing and Google to rescan and confirm site errors are removed immediately
  • In addition to your website monitoring, we use a server monitor that alerts us to issues which we then quickly address
  • Access to a Heatmap Dashboard is provided on request so you can view the activity on your site and make informed decisions on Call To Action placements