10 Testimonial Questions to Ask your Clients


What can I say, you can take the girl out of the Army but you can't take the Army out of the girl. After every mission I completed in the Army I followed it up with an After Action Review to go over what went well and to see where we could have improved. I do the same when I close out projects with my clients.

The purpose of doing this is twofold:

1. The feedback my clients provide is invaluable as I use it to perfect my process and improve my services.

2. When a new client is researching which company they want to give their business to they often turn to recommendations from friends and family, customer reviews, and testimonials.


Authentic testimonials from satisfied, successful clients will powerfully influence potential leads during their decision-making process in working with you. But even when your clients are incredibly happy with the service you deliver collecting rave reviews can sometimes feel like pulling teeth.

People are busy and, quite frankly, just don’t know what to say.

An excellent review has the same elements of an excellent story. The following strategic questions will effortlessly draw out a narrative account from your clients that will captivate and convince future leads to work with you without being redundant or bland (“Erin was great to work with. I highly recommend her” blah blah blah). 

Once you deliver an exceptional service to your client send them a questionnaire asking for feedback on your process and what it was like working with you. 


  1. Was there anything I could have done differently?

    Ask your clients to dig deep. The only way you can improve your services + process is through constructive feedback.

  2. What was it like before you had our service?

    The goal is to get your client to tell a story. This will help paint a picture of what life was like before you swept them off their feet.

  3. Where did you start your search for [your service industry]?

    This will help you identify where your ideal clients are hanging out and starting their buyer journey. This info is GOLD.

  4. What made our services stand out from other options? What sold you on working with us?

    By now you should know what sets you apart from your competition but it’s always nice to hear it again. Rub my feet and tell me I’m pretty. Oh sorry I thought I was talking to my boyfriend for a minute.

  5. What was the best part about working with us?

    This question will highlight the best part of your process and help leads know how your business aligns with their goals.

  6. What was your least favorite part about working with us?

    Let your clients know there’s no pressure to answering this question but if there was something they didn’t like, and it’s within your ability to improve it, you’d like to know!

  7. Was there anything that exceeded your expectations in working with us?

    You’re confident your service is exceptional and your clients will recall how you over delivered. This is an important aspect of an excellent review that new leads will want to hear about.

  8. Would you recommend our service to others? If Yes, what is the MAIN reason why?

    This is the bottom line potential leads will look at when it comes to deciding to hire your business or not.

  9. What would you tell someone that’s considering working with us?

    If a lead is on the fence about working with you, previous clients’ heart-felt, honest recommendations may very well convince them to book with you. Sometimes a glowing recommendation from someone who has used your service is all they need.

  10. Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

    This open-ended question gives your client space to say what’s on their mind. When your client has the chance to speak freely you open the door to acquiring unique feedback about your business.

If you’re curious, here’s what mine looks like in Dubsado:


Once your client completes the questionnaire, use their answers to craft a review in their words. Send the review back to your client with custom review links to Google and Facebook so all they have to do is copy + paste the reviews directly into the platforms.

Don’t forget to update your website testimonials page as well (be sure to ask for permission if attaching their name to the review).

Getting the five star reviews you deserve has never been easier!

xo Erin