Are you ready to up-level your brand? Are you prepared to grow your business? A professionally branded website with compelling content will connect with the heart of your audience and convert leads to customers and repeat business. Our clients consistently increase their prices with confidence and start attracting a higher paying clientele after working with us.  





  • Up to six pages (optional blog included). Each page will be expertly designed to position your business as a leader in your industry.

  • Beautifully branded website with curated stock photography

  • Full site copy that connects and converts with your target audience. I copywrite all websites I design to help you get the results you're looking for.

  • Basic SEO Optimization. As an SEO expert I know how to position your website for a top Google ranking. I'll code your website with the best technical SEO practices in mind. While these basic optimizations will set you up for success you'll want to explore my SEO Plus Plan if your ultimate goal is to rank on the first page of Google.

  • Social Media + Newsletter Integration. Make it easy for your visitors to follow you on social media and capture their email address with a newsletter opt in.

  • Favicon and Social Sharing Icons. The devil is in the details. Keep your brand looking fleek with a customized favicon and social sharing icons.

  • Lawyer approved Privacy Policy ($600 value)

  • Built-in sitemap that helps Google to crawl, understand, and ultimately, rank your website

  • Optional Monthly Support Plan which includes up to four updates to your site every month: $75 / mo (no contract required)



  • Includes everything listed in the Service Based Website (above) PLUS:

  • Up to seven pages (optional blog included)

  • E-Commerce site (up to 50 products included)



(plus recurring monthly maintenance)


Having a beautiful website that connects and converts with your target audience is the first step. Getting found on Google is the second. Convert leads into paying customers by ranking on the coveted first page of Google.




I run my my business off Dubsado + Coffee (but mostly Dubsado). The hardest part is getting your account up and running. Once everything is in place Dubsado will help you run your business like a boss! Send proposals, contracts, invoices, questionnaires, and more with this incredible platform. Here's what's included with your set-up:

  • Integrate logo and brand settings

  • Add packages and create proposal to match your brand

  • Add working contracts to your account

  • Set up an invoicing system and payment schedules

  • Integrate a payment processor so you can get paid!

  • Create custom questionnaires and other forms (up to three) to send clients during the on-boarding process

  • Create canned e-mails with copy that converts so you don't have to write the same content over and over again every time you send a proposal / contract / invoice

  • Embed lead capture form into the contact page of your website (when a lead fills out your form it will automatically populate their information into your Dubsado account)

  • Draft an automated response so when leads fill out the contact form they know you’ll be in touch soon

  • Synch your email account, set up SPF records (so emails go directly to your clients' inboxes, not their spam folders), and create custom, branded signature for emails 

  • Video walk through on how to use this amazing system

Did you know?

It is required by law to have a Privacy Policy on websites that collect any information (name, e-mail, etc.) from its visitors. The average cost to have a lawyer draft one is $600. This is not a made-up number, a lawyer actually quoted me this for a Privacy Policy! One of the many benefits of working with me is that you will receive a lawyer-approved privacy policy at no additional charge.